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0000087WirecastNew Feature Requestpublic2020-06-30 05:45
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Summary0000087: Rendezvous Codec and processing options

Rendezvous provides a method to allow remote participants to join a broadcast. One potential use case is to allow musicians to collaborate. However, Rendezvous audio codec and processing capabilities are inadequate to meet the needs for this use case.
To fix the problem, it has been proposed to use the OPUS codec, and to allow disabling of echo suppression and other processing to allow a raw clean audio feed to be used as an input to Rendezvous. This would cater for this use case, as well as allow improved audio for non music use cases.

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As a Wirecast user wanting to broadcast live music from Rendezvous connected participants, I want the audio capabilities of Rendezvous to be improved by enabling the OPUS codec, and allowing disabling of "audio processing" options in webrtc, such as echo suppression so that I can get high quality audio into Wirecast for music broadcast.

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