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Summary0000009: Loopback Video Elements

Particularly when doing chromakey and other complex use of virtual sets, maintaining each reference to an input source can be complex. What would be helpful is to have a “virtual layer” where you can define one or more input elements - and setup things like chromakey, crop, etc. Then, this element could be used in multiple shots elsewhere - without the need to reconfigure crop and chromakey each time.

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As a wirecast user, I want to have a layer where I can compose shots which can be re-used elsewhere in my document so that I can make changes in one place, with that input to be re-used in multiple other places in my document. For example: A virtual set built up could appear at different zoom levels elsewhere in the document.

As a wirecast user, I want to be able to configure audio within the input layer to allow assignment to mixer channels, to fix the other problem with random assignment.

As a wirecast user, I want to be able to assign effects within the mixer where inputs are pre-mapped to the audio mixer, even if the shot is not live.

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