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WIRE-15020 High CPU on document load - Complex Shot #00599535 WC11.0b1 Reproducible
When opening a wirecast document, if there are a large number of shots that each have a large number of layers, it is possible to see wirecast “struggling” with high CPU while re-rendering each of those shots. Can this be optimised so that Wirecast will use the existing render on document load instead of rebuilding. This is categorised as Priority 2 - Anything that is performance impacting can impact a live broadcast/stream.


Greg Kuhnert shared this idea 25/07/18 03:13
Greg Kuhnert 01/08/18 01:30 flag comment
Tested: Still broken in Wirecast 10.0 Release
Sandy Henry 22/02/19 04:11 flag comment
Considered for v12