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WIRE-14666 Wirecast Restream #00599542
Australia is seen as a fairly developed country. However, Australia is worse than the 3rd world for internet. I know this from personal experience, as I have family in a rural area in the Philippines. Even there, I can get a synchronous gigabit service for a lower price than my Australian 100 meg down, 5 meg up service.

The restream capability in the latest Beta has the potential to help Australian users. I would love to send my stream to more than one CDN. But, it is just not possible if you require a minimum bitrate of 4 meg… if we want to have Rendezvous guests at the same time.

Please consider lowering the minimum required bitrate for restream inputs.

Greg Kuhnert shared this idea 25/07/18 03:22
Greg Kuhnert 06/08/18 23:31 flag comment
Half way there - need 1.25 meg bandwidth to suite australia.
Sandy Henry 11/10/18 16:24 flag comment
This will be implemented on final release of v11.
Sandy Henry 22/02/19 03:58 flag comment
Fixed in v11