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WIRE-14962 Text alignment options on clock/timers
There is no option to control text alignment on clocks and timers. I'm filing this under bug since it is beyond me as to WHY there wouldn't be this built in from the start.

Matthew Potter shared this idea 28/07/18 13:06
Greg Kuhnert 02/08/18 09:15 flag comment
Perhaps this is best dealt with by limiting clock fonts to mono-spaced fonts. If we align right, that will just move the problems to the left characters. Only mono-space will fix this - unless clock components are individually spaced, which would be a lot of work for this feature.
Sandy Henry 11/10/18 16:28 flag comment
Will be fixed in final release of WC 11
Sandy Henry 22/02/19 04:05 flag comment
Fixed in v11
Matthew Potter 10/05/19 18:47 flag comment
This says it's fixed but I'm not seeing this in WC 12.1, was it reverted?