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WIRE-14964 New encoder preset not selected #00599554
After creating and saving a new encoding preset, it does not select that new preset for the current selection. This is NOT intuitive in terms of the user interface and not consistent with other application design. It is often the case where you edit a preset for a platform, save it, assign a name, and then go back to your scene without going and changing the selected preset to your new one.

Matthew Potter shared this idea 28/07/18 13:13
Sandy Henry 09/10/18 00:09 flag comment
WIRE-14964 is a duplicate, existing jira WIRE-7644
Sandy Henry 08/10/18 23:41 flag comment
Forum: https://telestreamforum.forumbee.com/t/18l3d2/new-encoder-preset-should-select-said-preset
Sandy Henry 11/10/18 16:34 flag comment
This will be implemented on final version of v11
Sandy Henry 22/02/19 04:12 flag comment
Fixed in v11