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WIRE-14453 Scale not saved correctly in documents created from a template #00599558 WC11.0b1 Reproducible
If you create a shot and set this to say the two together template and save it... when you re-open the document, it will not look the same as before you saved the file.


Greg Kuhnert shared this idea 02/08/18 07:56
Greg Kuhnert 29/08/18 03:44 flag comment
On re-opening the document that you saved, your template will only load X scaling. Y scaling will be ignored. https://youtu.be/IhEPx-UpaFY
Greg Kuhnert 03/10/18 23:50 flag comment
#00599558 - WIRE-14845
Greg Kuhnert 03/10/18 23:52 flag comment
Possible Duplicate of WIRE-14453