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WIRE-14747 Rendezvous Excessive CPU Load #00595496 WC11.0b1 Reproducible
Please find below full details on this bug.

* MAC, running OSX High Sierra
* Wirecast 10.0 Release version

Instructions to replicate:
1. Start wirecast
2. Reset preferences (to eliminate variables)
3. Restart wirecast
4. Open "Activity Monitor" and make a note of baseline CPU load and GPU usage
5. Start with a new document
6. Create a single shot with an input media file.
7. Send the shot "live"
8. Make a note of updated CPU usage and GPU usage.
9. Open the "Rendezvous dashboard", and set the dashboard input to "Live output from untitled"
10. Make a note of the updated CPU usage and GPU usage.

My results: Wirecast behaved as expected up to step 8. When reviewing the CPU/GPU usage after opening the Rendezvous dashboard, it was noted that there was no increase in GPU usage, but the CPU usage doubled. Close the Rendezvous dashboard, and CPU usage returns to expected levels, and GPU usage is unchanged. Note: This was with a single simple source. When using more complex sources, the load and impact is much higher. 

My conclusions: The display of the program out in the Rendezvous dashboard on screen is CPU bound without using GPU, and using significant resources to display on screen. There are valid reasons to have the Rendezvous window open during broadcast. If there is no way to offload this to GPU, we should at least be able to disable the program display to save CPU cycles, since we can see it elsewhere on our screen in the main Wirecast application.

Greg Kuhnert shared this idea 06/08/18 05:54
Sandy Henry 10/08/18 23:21 flag comment
Status: QA is testing
Greg Kuhnert 03/10/18 23:21 flag comment
Still under investigation - Bug still exists in 11.0
Greg Kuhnert 16/03/19 23:14 flag comment
Via support, I was told: “Another interesting thing to note is that simply closing the Rendezvous Dashboard will also lower the CPU usage significantly. This is an area of concern and will be looked at internally." This bug is still present in Wirecast V12. In fact, I was doing a stream the other day. When I had the rendezvous dashboard open, the dropped frames were incrementing, and CPU was high. This was even though I was using apple hardware encoding… so there should not have been significant impact on CPU. I hope there will be an update on this bug in the near future.
Greg Kuhnert 19/03/19 22:41 flag comment
Need to re-test