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Dynamic API #00607243
I was looking at past discussions on the topic of API interfaces to the various CDN's. One of the common issues with past versions of Wirecast is where CDN's update their API's, and things break with past versions of Wirecast.

With Wirecast version 10, there is a solution to that problem... for a price. If using ReStream, Wirecast will do all of the API calls VIA Telestream. This would allow fixes to be applied in the cloud should CDN's change their API specifications, without the need to update Wirecast.

But why limit this to ReStream usage? How about proxying all API calls via Telestream's service by default... De-couple the ReStream function from the API function... allowing just the API calls to happen in the cloud. Next time Facebook change their API, a single code change in the cloud could fix the problem for all clients, without needing any software updates.

Greg Kuhnert shared this idea 14/08/18 12:33
Sandy Henry 11/10/18 16:55 flag comment
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