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WIRE-12911 - Missing item - Configurable display #00555754 #00644782 #P
During a broadcast, there is nothing more annoying than a big red question mark sitting where a rendezvous guest was previously located, or in place of NDI sources. What would be good is to configure the action that should happen when a source is missing. I suggest three options configurable per shot:

1. Display nothing - Make whatever was there disappear.
2. Display something - a logo or other static image to replace the missing source
3. Replace with placeholder - If it is a placeholder item, revert the item back to its default placeholder settings - letter A, B, or C respectively.

Why make it configurable per shot?
1. An NDI source that is full screen on layer one going to a ? will cover ALL other layers. That is bad. This should display nothing.
2. A local studio input that is not a template should be replaced with a test pattern or some other static logo.
3. To make life easy for placeholders, it might be nice to replace with original placeholder as an option.

Greg Kuhnert shared this idea 15/08/18 19:47
Mark Hildebrandt 21/11/18 16:16 flag comment
see also my post about same issue here: https://telestreamforum.forumbee.com/t/18bagm/support-lacks this needs to be fixed! acutally this is not an idea. It's more a bug or close to what I call a crash in making livestreaming. ​Mark Hildebrandt said: just tested the auto live. Even if it goes live automatic when getting the connection back to the rendezvous cam (which it actually doesn't...) then how can anyone professionals live with a questionmark in a livestrem if connection is lost? That's really to make us like stupid animal, if Telestream thinks that's good enough for us. After all, the application cost 1000$ right?.... This HAS to get fixed in some way. First with removeing that big red questionmark. What about making a function which allow us to decide what's coming up, if you can't fix that the signal goes live when it comes back, which I actually don't understand why you can't fix. It's just making a special rule for the rendezvous source that this has to be live always, when set in program/live.
Matthew Potter 21/05/19 17:02 flag comment
Interesting, I have a similar bug in place. Here's the video I made of a VERY repeatable way of showcasing it too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQ3sOrBMmMg Interestingly, reconnected sources do correct themselves in the preview pane but NOT in the live view.