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WIRE-14424 RTMP PUSH listener #00535895
Wirecast currently allows a stream URL to be specified to PULL RTMP media. Many camera sources (drones for example) can send to a RTMP destination URL. Wirecast does not support this functionality. In testing, the use of nginx as a proxy has proven effective. However, it would be helpful if this could be built into wirecast.

Greg Kuhnert shared this idea 29/08/18 01:27
ATVI Infotainment 24/05/19 18:25 flag comment
This will be much helpful for web news broadcasters like us. Recently we did a 16 hour livestream from our newsroom and even after owning LiveU Solo devices, we couldn’t get our reporters get connected to our studio directly via Wirecast as it lacks the feature for some kind of a mini RTMP/RTMPS server. This feature, if introduced, will be much appreciated by many digital news broadcasters like us.