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WIRE-15087 Midi Controller Volume Scale
Hi Team.

I have been looking at the Midi controller interface data, and how it equates to the data within the UI within Wirecast.

When moving a fader for audio volume levels, a midi value of 111 equates to a volume level of 99%, and a midi value of 112 is 101%. What is missing here is the elusive 100%. It is impossible to set the volume using the faders to 100%.

Yes, I am being pedantic - but it would be great if the scale that maps the midi values to volume levels could be adjusted so that it is possible using a midi controller to set the volume to 100%.


Greg Kuhnert shared this idea 07/11/18 10:09
Greg Kuhnert 07/11/18 10:26 flag comment
Sandy Henry 28/11/18 23:32 flag comment
This is being considered for v12