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WIRE-15532 Audio related crash - V12 #00635775
I had a crash before my show yesterday. The core dump and other supporting data has been provided in the ticket. This was pre-show… so no streaming had happened yet. What I will point out is there were multiple audio issues since upgrading to V12 linked I think to the Rendezvous changes.

Before the crash happened, all audio inputs were not audible on the configured output, however I could see the green level meters moving. I went to the config settings, and changed the destination to something else - and I could hear the audio. I changed the setting back to my regular sound card, and it started working. It feels like the Rendezvous dashboard did something to impact normal audio out.

Immediately before the crash, I was doing some changes in the audio mixer, setting effects Noise reduction, and dynamics) on one of my guests that was coming in via Rendezvous… and it died at that point.

One thing that is noticeable is the size of this core file. It is significantly bigger than previous core dumps.

I hope this helps isolate the problem.

Greg Kuhnert shared this idea 16/03/19 23:09