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WIRE-14183 Wirecast - Youtube API error #00540653 WC11.0b1 Reproducible
I have recently came across API errors during attempting to start a stream. The attached video documents the error message coming back from Youtube, in response to Wirecast API requests.

After making the video, I found the final piece of the jigsaw. In the youtube portal, under advanced, I had set this event to “Auto-start” (Automatically start the event when you start sending data). I incorrectly assumed that this was the same as the Auto-start setting in Wirecast.

To fix this bug, if Wirecast finds the youtube Autostart setting checked, it needs to skip setting broadcastSetting to testing and go straight to broadcast.


Greg Kuhnert shared this idea 25/07/18 03:18
Greg Kuhnert 01/08/18 01:50 flag comment
Tested: Still broken in Wirecast 10.0 Release
Sandy Henry 10/08/18 23:31 flag comment
Status: In analysis
Sandy Henry 22/02/19 04:10 flag comment
Fixed in v12