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WIRE-14027 Configurable Audio Fader Allocation #00599540 Repeatable #P
When Wirecast was first released, the USB audio mixer served its purpose. Later, Midi controller support was added. However, it is basically useless. When looking at a physical board, it is not possible to know which audio source is assigned to which fader - nor is it possible to pre configure which audio source will use which fader. This is a requirement. Against each audio source, we need an option to specify which fader on the USB mixer will be used for that source. Each fader should only allow one source to be allocated. SOME sources do NOT require a fader, yet they still consume a slot. It would be good to disable the use of the audio mixer for those shots. For example: An audio clip where the audio is muted in the shot profile.


Greg Kuhnert shared this idea 25/07/18 03:21
Greg Kuhnert 18/12/18 23:51 flag comment
See https://youtu.be/ir7Px-W7R5U for an example of the impact of this issue.