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0000050WirecastBug Reportpublic2020-06-30 12:22
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Summary0000050: Alpha Channel High CPU load

After upgrading to Wirecast 10, the use of ProRes video with alpha channels for graphics overlays is causing significant CPU utilisation. This behaviour is new in Wirecast 10, and was not a problem with Wirecast 9. Impact: Existing graphics overlays that previously worked without any problems cause so much additional load that streaming and/or recording fails. This bug was initially reported in 0000029 - however, that issue is mainly focussed on the Rendezvous impact. This issue is also observed in the video.

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related to 0000029 acknowledged Rendezvous Excessive CPU Load 



2019-07-03 18:29

manager   ~0000141

Recent feedback from engineering:

QA can you repro on a similar machine. Do you get drop frames and how does cpu usage compare to older versions?

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