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Summary0000069: Video Input Scaling is not correctly handled

First time input is placed on canvas / shot list, the video uses a low resolution and is scaled to that low dimension upon loading. This means that 1080 and 720 video sources (which let's be honest, we're all using) are ALWAYS needing to be scaled. This seems completely like a stupid thing we're all doing simply because that is what the software is defaulting too but can easily be changed (like the default canvas size). (See first youtube video) A more recent case occurred when swapping to a different source (NDI to SDI) resulted in the video being scaled by 400%. (See second youtube video)

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2020-06-29 12:57

developer   ~0000173

Although this was reported to be fixed, there is still issues with the scaling of video sources and the "Auto" canvas size option of the document within 13.2beta

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