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0000076WirecastNew Feature Requestpublic2020-06-29 12:19
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Product Version13.2.0.b1 
Summary0000076: Dedicated audio input interface

Up until version 6 came out, there was an ability to set an global input for audio where no-matter what shot composition or arrangement you had, you were only ever using the interface plus whatever each of the shots added. For most events, I'm finding that I lose a complete layer simply because I dedicate the bottom most one to a single audio interface input now. With the audio re-build that happened a few versions ago, and the audio mixer available, it would seemingly be easy to add a universal input like an external mixer.

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2019-05-11 13:25

developer   ~0000131

Received an email back from support stating that I have already made this request over a year ago and at the time it was discussed so far as it was stated that it wouldn't be done:
"It appears you submitted the same request roughly a year ago, and after considering adding such a feature, our development team chose not to pursue it. "

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